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DSRIP Compliance Monitoring

In 2014, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission contracted with Myers and Stauffer, LC (MSLC) to act as an independent assessor and provide compliance monitoring of the DSRIP program under the Texas 1115 Medicaid Waiver. Per Texas Administrative Code rules 15 TAC §354.1602(11), 15 TAC §354.1624(a-b) and 15 TAC §354.1703, the independent assessor has been tasked with completing a midpoint assessment of DSRIP prior to year four of the waiver (2014-15), continually monitoring DSRIP projects and performers, and making recommendations on valuations, achievement targets and other plan audits and modifications including DY7-8 DSRIP activities. The objectives of the monitoring process are to verify accuracy, compliance, consistency and goal achievement.

Myers and Stauffer Presentation

To help providers better prepare data and reporting resources for transition into the new DY7-8 structure, MSLC put together a presentation on Texas DSRIP Compliance Monitoring. The presentation was first shared on May 7, 2018 at a learning collaborative event hosted jointly by Regions 8 and 17 in College Station, Texas.

In viewing the presentation, DSRIP providers and other interested stakeholders have an opportunity to learn more about Myers and Stauffer, get an overview of the compliance monitoring process, and gain insight into key issues and considerations observed as part of DY2-6 compliance reviews. This information will be helpful as providers begin analyzing measure specifications, building reports and abstracting data to meet Category B and C reporting requirements.

Presentation Materials

Active DSRIP Providers can access the presentation slides and the two example documents MSLC references in the presentation by logging into the online DSRIP Reporting System and visiting the Bulletin Board. If you do not have access to the online system and would like a copy of the presentation slides, please email the RHP 17 Anchor Team or submit an Inquiry Form.

Presentation Video

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