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Meeting Materials

The RHP 8 Anchor team is happy to provide meeting materials for regional stakeholders to access online. Meeting materials are broken into 4 main areas:

  • Monthly Conference Calls
    This page provides meeting minutes for regional conference calls. Providers and stakeholders may find this page helpful if they would like to refer to past calls.
  • Cohort Meeting Materials
    This page provides a list of meeting dates for the RHP 8 Behavioral Health and Primary Care Cohort. Meeting materials may include agendas, minutes, and any work products as a result of a meeting. 
  • Learning Collaborative Meeting Materials
    This page provides an overview of the meeting materials from various learning collaborative activities in the region: RHP 8 hosted face-to-face events, peer-to-peer opportunities with other RHPs, RHP 8 and 17 joint lunch & learn events, and information about the HHSC statewide summit. 
  • Regional Meeting Materials
    This page provides a breakdown of meeting dates and materials based on regional development of the Waiver. 

For additional information, attendance records or meeting materials, submit an inquiry to the RHP 8 Anchor team.

Last edited by: irgalen 03/29/2022