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Call, Newsletter & Event Archive

Bimonthly Calls

The bimonthly learning collaborative call is designed to help promote shared learning across the region through open discussion. The call provides a forum for UC and DSRIP providers to discuss raising performance, challenges and issues faced, as well as to share best practices. Calls are held bimonthly on the third Thursday of the month at 10 a.m. during Demonstration Year 6.

RHP 17 - DY10 Bimonthly Calls:

  • 10/8/2020 - October Call (DY9 October Reporting): Minutes
  • 04/08/2021 - April Call (DY10 April Reporting): Minutes

RHP 17 - DY9 Bimonthly Calls:

  • 10/24/19 - October Call (DY9-10 RHP Plan Update): Minutes
  • 11/20/19 - November Call (DY9-10 RHP Plan Update): Minutes
  • 01/23/2020 - January Call (DY9-10 RHP Plan Feedback Process): Minutes
  • 04/9/2020 - April Call (April DY9 Reporting): Minutes
  • 06/25/2020 - June Call (COVID-19 Reporting Accommodations): Agenda

RHP 17 - DY8 Bimonthly Calls:

  • 10/11/18 - October Call (DY7 October Reporting): Minutes
  • 11/15/18 - November Call (Cost and Savings Analysis and Transition Proposals): Minutes
  • 01/23/19 - January Call (DY9-10 PFM Protocol Overview): Minutes
  • 04/25/19 - April Call (Plan-Do-Study-Act) PDSA Cycles): Minutes

RHP 17 - DY7 Bimonthly Calls:

  • 10/17/17 - October Call (DY6 October Reporting and Considerations for DY7-8 Transition): Minutes
  • 11/16/17 - November Call (DY7-8 DSRIP Refresher/Plan Update Primer): Agenda
  • 01/25/18 - January Call (Value-Based Payment funding avenues): Minutes
  • 06/05/18 - June Call (RHP Plan Feedback): Minutes

RHP 17 - DY6 Bimonthly Calls:

  • 02/16/17 - February Call (DY6 Reporting and Understanding DY7-8): Minutes
  • 04/20/17 - April Call (Health Information Exchange): Minutes
  • 06/15/17 - June Call (Sustainability Planning and the Grant Process): Minutes
  • 08/08/17 - August Call (DY7-8 Draft Measure Bundle Protocol and Proposal Process): Minutes

RHP 17 - DY5 Program Evaluation Series:

  • 01/14/16 - January Call (Evaluative Methods): Minutes
  • 02/11/16 - February Call (Program Results Stories): Minutes
  • 03/10/16 - March Call (Evaluation Findings ): Minutes
  • 04/14/16 - April Call (Evaluation Improvement): Minutes
  • 06/09/16 - June Call (Sustainability Planning): Minutes
  • 07/14/16 - July Call (Program Design and Implementation): Minutes
  • 08/11/16 - August Call (Program Evaluation Series Recap): Minutes 

Quarterly Newsletters

Each quarter RHP 17 sends out a newsletter to share updates on recent and upcoming learning collaborative activities and information. The newsletter includes project spotlights, achievements in the region to be celebrated, learning opportunities for participation in other regions and through online resources, upcoming event dates and information, and other features related to health care and continuous quality improvement methods.

RHPs 8 & 17 Newsletters

RHP 17 Newsletters

Past Learning Collaborative Events

  • September 2020 - Regional Opportunity: RHP 8 and 17 hosted a series of virtual learning collaborative events.

    he first event, Interactive Virtual Presentation: Working Alone Together, was held on September 18, 2020 and was an interactive presentation hosted by Mr. John Cramer. The second event, Exploring Rural Opportunities for Value-Based Payments Improved Community Health, was held on September 22, 2020. This presentation by Mr. Simeon Niles with CMS Innovation Center discussed the CMS CHART Model. The third, and final, event, Overview of Behavioral Health in Texas, was held on September 28, 2020. This presentation by Associate Commissioner Trina Ita with HHSC shared a brief overview of the mental health services in Texas and how the state has worked to address mental health in the face of COVID-19. Interested individuals can contact the Anchor Team for meeting materials.

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