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RHP Plan Archive

Each RHP in Texas was required to develop a regional plan that documented the organization and executive overview of each region, outlined community needs assessments for the counties within the region, and detailed the proposed Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) projects to be implemented in the region.

RHP 8 Plan (Four-Year Projects)

The RHP 8 Anchor Team submitted the RHP 8 Plan, which detailed 37 main four-year projects to be implemented in the region, to HHSC for review and approval. Technical feedback was provided by HHSC in December 2012. The region modified the projects in accordance with HHSC feedback, and the revised plan was sent to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in February 2013 for approval. In April 2013, CMS granted approval of all but four of the proposed four-year DSRIP projects submitted, with those four projects being modified and all being formally approved by December 2013.

RHP 8 Plan Modification (Three-Year Projects)

Throughout the summer and fall of 2013, eligible Performing Providers in each region were afforded one final opportunity to propose additional DSRIP projects to be implemented on a three-year basis. RHP 8 followed the process outlined by HHSC for proposal review and regional approval of new three-year projects. The RHP 8 Plan Modification detailing new three-year projects was submitted to HHSC in December 2013. HHSC granted approval for all new three-year projects (four total) in February 2014, with formal CMS approval granted in May 2014.

Plan Revisions and Updates

Since initial plan submissions in 2012, all RHPs have been working with HHSC and CMS on detailed revisions and updates to regional plans in an effort to more clearly define the milestones and metrics each project must achieve to demonstrate successful implementation, clarify the target population to be served by each project, estimate the anticipated patient impact of each project, and modify implementation protocols to ensure core components and quality improvement requirements are met.

Plan revisions across the state have taken place in a phased approach and are still continuing with the mid-point assessment underway by Myers and Stauffer, LC. During the spring of 2015, the RHP 8 Anchor team worked with regional Performing Providers to compile an updated RHP Plan which includes all four- and three-year projects, along with updates to Category 3 references in the project narratives.

RHP 8 Plan (submitted 2/15/13): DOC

RHP 8 Plan Modification (three-year projects, as of 12/19/13): DOC

RHP 8 Plan Resubmission (submitted 5/15/15)

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