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Behavioral Health & Primary Care Cohort

General Information

The RHP 8 Behavioral Health and Primary Care Cohort (Cohort) is comprised of individuals who are actively implementing behavioral health and/or primary care projects. Members include RHP 8 DSRIP/UC Providers (hospitals, public health districts, local mental health authorities, and emergency medical services), stakeholders, two co-facilitators, and the Anchor team. 

Cohort Purpose Statement: The Cohort will seek opportunities to increase communication and more effectively promote shared learning in RHP 8 in an effort to more efficiently implement 1115 waiver projects with an overall focus on project sustainability.

Cohort Development Documents 

Cohort Meeting Materials


The Cohort is open to any interested stakeholder in RHP 8. If you are interested in learning more about the Cohort, submit an inquiry to the RHP 8 Anchor team.

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